Introducing VoxDucker

Automatic Voice-Over Mixing plugin with 75% off

November 22, 2022 | jt

We are happy we can announce a new addon to our plugin portfolio. VoxDucker will be loved by video-makers and audio book creators, but not only by them.

VoxDucker is here mainly to create automatic voice-over mixes with no effort. Just connect your vocal track by side-chain, and VoxDucker will automatically (and smoothly) suppress the backing tracks. 

Spectral Spacer not just for voice

While broad-band or multi-band dynamic ducking is very CPU efficient, you may get more accurate results by employing a spectral spacer which only suppresses the frequencies present in the vocal signal. We're talking about voice and voice-overs mainly, but VoxDucker can also be used to make space for other signal types - such as drums vs bass or lead vs synth.


To make the automatic mix with VoxDucker as smooth and natural as possible - we added a look-ahead function which reads your tracks in advance to start the music fading in time. 

FREE with Voxessor

VoxDucker is designed with voice-overs in mind. Therefore it is a great companion for Voxessor. So we decided that any new adopter of this vocal plugin can get VoxDucker for FREE (just until December 4). 

Don't miss the intro sale

VoxDucker is compatible with most VST/AAX/AU DAW applications on both Windows and macOS. The price is set to €59. But you may grab the intro price, which gives you 75% off until the end of the year. As usual, a 15-days fully working trial version will give you the full experience - don't hesitate to try...