Explore the past with Retronaut

A new LoFi modulation plugin with a 73% discount

February 15, 2023 | jt

We are proudly introducing a new plugin created by JMG Sound. Retronaut is a LoFi Nostalgia Machine which revives the amazing sound of the 80s.

Retronaut is a multi-voice vibrato and chorus with LoFi effects. It is inspired by old analogue gear such as bucket brigade chips, tape cassettes, vinyl records and voltage-controlled filters.

The heart of Retronaut is its modulation. Thanks to its multi-voice engine, you can smoothly mix from a single vibrato voice up to 4, resulting in a rich chorus. And you may add that LoFi nostalgic magic with the Degrade section, while the Diverge section gives you ultimate control of each voice independently.

Experience yourself

Does it sound authentic? Ask orchestral composer for film and television/synthpop pioneer Chris Payne (Visage, Gary Numan), who was well versed in working with original analogue gear — of the kind that inspired Retronaut — on a number of historic hit records.

Chris Payne: "I hate to overdo the superlatives, but it has to be said that within a minute of trying out the amazing features of the Retronaut plugin, I am astounded. I particularly love the lo-fi Degrade section which can add a huge amount of expression to any sound you use."

Putting your hands on and listening yourself can give you more than thousands of words of description. Download the 15-day fully working trial version and try it yourself. 

Don't miss the intro sale

Retronaut is compatible with most VST/AAX/AU DAW applications on both Windows and macOS. The price is set to €89. But you may grab the intro price €24 until March 19th