Carmen Rizzo

Carmen Rizzo
“United has so many secret weapons under the hood; with the bundle you accidentally stumble on some magic plug-ins I had no idea what they were I kind of hope others don’t find”
Two-time Grammy Nominee, best known for his Electronic World Music


Carmen produced various eclectic album credits, which include Seal, Coldplay, Paul Oakenfold, AR Rahman, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Pete Townshend, Huun Huur Tu, and Niyaz. Composed music for Oscar-winning directors Michael Apted and Stanley Brooks and wrote the end title for Sony Play Station’s Uncharted 2. As a long-time Recording Academy member, he has served as a Trustee & Governor and wrote the categories "Best Electronic Album" and "Technical Grammys" for Apple and Roger Linn, inventor of the drum machine. He has also hosted and lectured Master Classes all over the world, including his own TED X Talk in the US. He runs his own music label, Electrofone Music.



If you are into using the “Freeze” mode on delays or reverbs, United has the only one that I am away of that once you “Freeze” the effect, you can tweak or automate in real time all the parameters, This is crazy cool!


Anytime you're stuck in the creative flow, loading QuickMuse has been a fun & and surprising fix for me. It does not matter if it is drums, keys, or even vocal; it puts a new spin on the track with things I might not have thought of or had the time to create a signal chain with all these cool effects on it. I especially like that once I have sculpted the sound to my liking, I can add a High and low pass filter on the end of the signal flow for an excellent “Lo-Fi sound.


MasterMind is such a hidden gem; there are many Mastering plug-ins out there, but MasterMind just adds such an instant bang to your mix, with very little effort and such smooth saturation!


Plamen sets itself apart from other saturation plugins out there. United really did a great job on making a kind of hybrid EQ & saturation/distortion plugin that really allows you to carve a very unique sound without adding too much dirt. Now, Plamen is a part of my recording & mixing set-up daily.


I am always looking for creative long-tailed reverbs; I use the section called Creative Supermassive, a preset bank that allows you to go really big.