Colin Edwin

Colin Edwin is best known as a founder member and bassist of the long-running internationally successful progressive rock band Porcupine Tree.


Following on from Porcupine Tree, and alongside a variety of guest spots with the likes of Tim Bowness, iamthemorning, Lo-Fi Resistance, Cosmograf and many others, Colin’s unique and creative bass playing have lead him to collaborate frequently with a variety of like-minded and inventive musicians, including former Henry Cow multi-instrumentalist and reed player Geoff Leigh (as Ex-Wise Heads), Boston based ambient guitarist Jon Durant (as Burnt Belief), Estonian guitarist Robert Jurjendal, and fellow bassist Lorenzo Feliciati in the critically acclaimed bass duo Twinscapes, whose latest release "A Modern Approach to the Dancefloor"  came out in October 2018 on the forward-thinking UK label Rarenoise.
Alongside Italian experimentalist Eraldo Bernocchi, Colin has recorded two albums with the genre-defying band Metallic Taste of Blood, and also played and recorded with avant-metal outfit Obake.
Colin has also collaborated with Ukrainian female vocal duo Astarta, recording an album of reworked Slavic folk songs and performing in both the U.K. and Ukraine.
Having contributed to his 2017 album "Magnetic", Colin also frequently performs live alongside renowned producer and musician Gaudi as part of the "Gaudi All-Stars Orchestra".
In 2015 he formed the band O.R.k. alongside King Crimson drummer Pat Mastelotto, vocalist Lef and guitarist Carmelo Pipitone from Italy’s “anti-folk” favourites Marta Sui Tubi. O.R.k. have several European tours and three full-length albums completed to date, with the most recent release "Ramagehead" taking in the band's longest European tour to date.



Yeah, the Firemaster is great.....super simple to use and great results!

Verbum Entropic Hall

I really, really like the Verbum, it's a nice interface which encourages you to fiddle and experiment. In fact I've spent waaaaay too much time playing with it! For me it's another time hole.... processing Drum/percussion loops, pads, textures and ambient sounds and I'll find something new or inspiring quite easily.


It's a fun interface to play with, and sounds great too!


It's a remarkably quick sonic tonic for when you need a little extra sparkle, definition and depth.... A great new addition to the "Fire" series.


After recording, it's good, and sometimes essential, to able to do a little low end sculpting without too much fuss. Quickbass makes this easy and fun - adding just a touch of grit and presence with the saturation control, or the subtle chorus effect of the doubler, which is especially nice on a fretless without being a too full on. The Sub bass control is a good idea too, I'll have to remember not to overuse it! These are all unique features and it's very handy to have them in one plugin along with level controls, some compression and EQ. Plenty of possibilities to add some character and very straightforward to use.


Bassment is a useful and enjoyable tool for creating useable, practical and also quite unique bass sounds. Offering the ability to easily make small tweaks and refinements or to create completely reprocessed and reimagined bass sounds. I had a ball making a bunch of presets and I hope they will be an inspirational springboard for others willing to dive into the Bassment too.

Front DAW

FrontDAW is a super fast and easy way to add that all the important analogue flavour to the signal path in your DAW.


Retronaut is a good spice to add to any mix or audio file, giving anything from a subtle touch of old-school warmth and wobble to some full-on unrecognisable creative destruction.