Dan Veall

Dan Veall is best known for his extensive catalogue of high-quality bass guitar gear video reviews, having recorded over 350 videos for a major magazine, Guitar Interactive with accompanying column content each month.


A busy professional musician and teacher, Dan still makes time to also write his own tuition column every month in the worldwide Bass Player Magazine, closing each edition with well researched technical content that is still accessible to the novice player. "I know how difficult it was when I first started playing to find this very information and have it explained in an understandable format and that's exactly what I try to do each month with my reviews and magazine columns".

Dan Veall started an almost obsessive journey of self-study in instrument and music technology from a very young age. Indeed before the internet, he would have electronic and schematic diagrams faxed through from major MI companies, where he would put his teenage electronics skills to good use building signal processors of his own that he couldn't purchase.

Dan is no stranger to international music projects and is associated with Ostura, the Lebanese cinematic progressive metal band, who released the album The Room with an incredible roster of guest musicians joining Dan. Dan and Thomas Lang provided the rhythm section backbone throughout the album. Additionally, Marco Sfogli and Arjen Lucassen's talents were enlisted and cinematic soundscapes could not have sounded better having The City Of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra as bandmates throughout the production.

Dan teaches privately from his own studio in the UK.


Expanse 3D

I just dropped it straight on to a drum mix bus... I love it, immediately! It is superb for adding a sense of depth and ambience, but kick drums, no matter how dead can be brought to life. Clever stuff!

Urban Puncher

I love what it does to distorted bass actually, it brings out the character of dull distortion. It's a nice plugin and I liked setting it to mild settings to drive pristine sounding kits a bit.


Running an instrument-specific tailored signal path makes a huge amount of sense and QuickBass saves the time and guesswork involved in dialling in mix-appropriate sounds versus with multiple random plug-ins. Signal processing for bass guitar such as drive, compression and EQ and sub exciter all have a raft of parameters that change simultaneously as each dial is manipulated within a single plug-in - The experts have done the fine-tuning leaving us to get on and create. It works great with other instruments too! I select this plugin as default for bass, but it sounds great as an effect when blended into other instrument channels, such as a drum bus!

Quick AG

Much like QuickBass, the consolidated channel strip makes dialling in acoustic sounds a breeze. Multiple parameters change as new settings are selected taking the guesswork out of creating great sounds instantly.


I am hugely grateful to my friend and fellow bassist Colin Edwin for introducing me to United Plugins. My workflow has increased dramatically as has the quality of my audio. UniChannel is no exception as I'd been looking for just this type of plugin. All of the best channel strip building blocks in one place to create your own bespoke signal path without reaching for the soldering iron!

Front DAW

Front Daw is almost too simple. It's subtle but incredibly useful for adding colour to an input that can really help bring a recorded part to life.