Halina Rice

Halina Rice is an electronic music producer, remixer and live AV artist with a reputation for original and eclectic sounds and a strong emphasis on sampling.


Her debut album ‘REDUX' was released in 2017 on Blurred Recordings and premiered in Clash Magazine, garnering acclaim across tastemaker blogs and industry media. Her remixes have featured in Music Week and been nominated in the Independent Music Awards. Halina is also active in leading workshops on music production.



Firecobra really helps bring the mix to life - whether it’s giving some punch to the drums or introducing atmospheric ambience and harmonics to an overall track.


A very creative reverb with a variety of controls to create new interesting sounds. I like to use the randomisation to discover new combinations of these.

Royal Compressor

This is a great plugin for adding emphasis and character to vocals and can produce some creative and exaggerated compression effects for drums.