Greg Brimson

A multi-award-winning producer and remixer.


After a successful career as a session drummer playing with artist such as Gary Numan to All About Eve, Greg went on to Engineering scoring a No1 with the Levellers before forging a path as a producer remixer working with artists as diverse as Eminem, Bush, Natalie Imbruglia, Paradise Lost, SiKth, Raging Speedhorn, Mumiy Troll, O.r.k. and many more.



It really is a "make it sound better" button. Kind of brings things to life. Brilliant.


Loving it on guitars. Especially etherial spacey vibe ones. And on drum loops post and pre compressors. Wow. It's like a make-it-better plugin again...


Superb top end tool. Bought my drum loops alive instantly. The plates for guitar are amongst the best I've come across. This thing brings a smile to my face. A properly great addition to my set up.

Verbum Entropic Hall

Verbum... it's exactly that and sounds like that. A top-end vintage analogue verb. It's very cool. superb on pretty much anything I tried, superb on vocals. Great ability to dial it in with the advanced section allowing finite tailoring to the track. Really nice.

Royal Compressor

About time there was a really great vintage sounding compressor with all the characteristics of the vintage sound. The saturation dial is a winner. Fat, warm and joyous. Love it.

Front DAW

I was blown away. Its perfect. Thats all I can say. it does exactly what it is supposed to do without fuss or hype.


The name says it all. A really creative reverb. Limitless fun with remarkable quality.