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George Shilling

A renowned record producer with over 30 years experience.


George hit the big time as the recording engineer on The Only Way Is Up by Yazz, then co-produced I’m Free by The Soup Dragons. Other credits include Texas, Primal Scream, Blur, Ocean Colour Scene, Mike Oldfield, Johnny Hallyday, Mary J. Blige, Steve Winwood and Frank Turner. He now works mainly from his own studio but in recent years has run sessions at Abbey Road, Real World and Sawmills. He is also an accomplished cellist, and recently arranged and performed parts for Tony Iommi of Black Sabbath.

Selected Discography: Steve Winwood - Slade - Mary J. Blige - Ocean Colour Scene - James Brown - Bernard Butler - Stornoway - The Wannadies - Paul Van Dyk - Teenage Fanclub - Primal Scream - Gabrielle 'Rise' (remix) - New Radicals - The Corrs - Blur - Marc Almond - Texas - Appleton - Porcupine Tree - My Life Story - Exile Inside - Johnny Hallyday - OperaBabes - Darius - Blue - Longwave - Mike Oldfield - Coldcut - Yazz ('The Only Way Is Up') - Lisa Stansfield - The Soup Dragons ('I'm Free') - The Broken Family Band - Luke Haines - Nolwenn Leroy - Mark Hollis - Lazare (feat. Charly Coombes) - Rhythms Del Mundo - Killing Joke - Tony Iommi - Andy Yorke - Malcolm McLaren - Frank Turner - Paul Carrack



Firecobra is great, it’s like that mythical “better” button we used to joke that should be included on every mixing console! It’s really good for adding warmth and verve to cold signals and just bringing some character and life to things.


Hyperspace is a really inspiring reverb, great for unusual and creative spaces as well as providing great ambience and depth when used with more conventional realistic reverb settings. Lots of good presets, especially some of the wacky Abstract ones.

Royal Compressor

I love the Royal Compressor, it’s about time someone made a really great plug-in for that great old classic compressor, and this one hits the spot! It’s wonderfully outrageous on drum ambience!

Front DAW

This is a pretty subtle warming effect which is surprisingly great for helping things sit together in a mix - very quick and simple to use.


I’ve recently been looking for something to convincingly make all those great distressed-sounding effects that I keep hearing on records. You know the stuff – random flutters, deep LFO pitch wobbles, and tonal degradation. I’ve been considering various expensive boutique pedals… But having just downloaded Retronaut, it absolutely delivers all that stuff – and more – in one place. It’s a wonderful tool with fantastic presets, and it’s quick and easy to use.