Geoff Tyson

Geoff Tyson is a multi-instrumentalist and vocalist with major label album releases, movie soundtracks, video game, and TV commercial compositions to his credit.


Geoff is a former student of Joe Satriani, Geoff was featured in many guitar and lifestyle magazines such as Guitar Player Magazine, Guitar for the Practicing Musician, Playboy, Musikus, and Cosmopolitan. 
Geoff has done more than 10 major world concert tours with his bands, sharing the stage with Duran Duran, Joe Satriani, the GoGo's, Nazareth, and Rob Zombie. 
Currently living and performing in Europe, Geoff is working on finishing his 9th studio album release. 



"Autoformer is that plugin you didn't know you needed, but then you discover that you can't do without it! I use Autoformer to smooth out guitar, bass, and vocal performances, putting them forward in the mix without having to eq or over-compress. It works especially well on stand-up bass, balancing out this notoriously dynamic and unpredictable instrument, while allowing it to maintain it's natural feeling."


Crunchy tube-style distortion with a smooth grit. Perfect for subtle harmonic compliments, to extreme coloured effects. I use it on any track that needs that unique tube character.

Royal Compressor

Smash it! Not for the easily offended! A vintage style compressor with extreme qualities, great for anything that you want to feature forward in your mix. I use the most extreme settings on your parallel drum buss!


An all-purpose reverb and reflection engine with an easy-to-understand user interface. I like that I can control every detail of my ambient sound, including creating spaces that do not exist in the physical world!