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Russ Russel

Producer, Engineer, Mixer, Musician


Been making music for well over 3 decades now, working with all kinds of genres but found a strong affinity for extreme music, working with artists such as Napalm Death, Machine Head, At The Gates, Dimmu Borgir, Megadeth, Exploited, Wildhearts, and many other purveyors of noise.

Worked all over the world but nowadays can mostly found in his UK based studio The Parlour (www.parlourstudios.co.uk) and although still running an analog console works mostly in Protools.



Very interesting, I just threw it on a really tired and flat old mix that I'm remastering for someone. And whatever witchcraft is going on in there it instantly made me go "OH COOL". A minute of tweaking the dials and I said "yeah that works". FireSonic, you are wizards :)

Front DAW

Front DAW is perfect for anyone missing that little bit of magic that you can get from running your tracks out to an analog console.

Royal Compressor

The Royal Compressor is so cool when you want to really smash something with Thors Hammer, great on a parallel drum bus.


FireCobra is brilliant when you need to add some extra crunch and harmonics to a guitar, can be a subtle lift or a total face transplant.