Reuven Amiel

Grammy-Winning Mixer Reuven Amiel is one eclectic and versatile Mixing Engineer/ Producer/Sound Designer.


Reuven applies his modern, edgy and vibey sound to Indie Music, Modern Rock, Electro-Pop, as well as Latin Pop, moving thru World Music and all in between.
Reuven is also a sound designer and programmer for much prestigious audio software and electronic music software/loops companies.
He has worked with a Kaleidoscope of Artists and genres as his life is eclectic, having lived in many hemispheres of the world. From his beginnings, studying under the wings of Yoav Gera (Ofra Haza, Yehudit Ravitz) and traveling to get knowledge from Top Producer Bob Ezrin (Pink Floyd, Peter Gabriel, Kiss etc) to working with Israeli/Scottish underground Rock Band Mushroom Symphony, to his upcoming project with European Rock Band, Pony Asteroid. He also has worked with Top Latin Grammy Winning/Nominees such as Ricardo Arjona, Shaila Durcal, Gian Marco, Susana Baca, Cristian Castro among others. And in 2013 he received a Latin Grammy for his mixing of Artist Felipe Pelaez.
He has also worked with new acts as Canadian Electro Indie Band NOIA, American Rock Band Prime Ministers, PVRIS. European Rock Band Pony Asteroid and Russian Soprano Pop Singer Yana Eminova



FireEQ is a great Tone Shaper that can also add great character to your tracks.

Front DAW

FrontDaw is simple but so effective, elegant, versatile . and sounds and looks amazing!!! LOVE IT.


Firepresser is a very cool approach to the Multi-Compressor approach, the layout out allows you to be creative in the process and the sonics deliver many textures and colours

Urban Puncher

Urban Punch is a winning ticket to power, fullness and clarity for tracks where the bass needs an extra boost.


Voxessor is a subtle Plugin that will give you a special presence that will make a difference in your voice-over and even in vocal tracks, and as we know, the difference is in the details.

Electrum Core

I love the Funky clean sounds of Electrum, but playing with the different modules can give some spice to your guitar tracks.

SubBass Doctor 808

SubbBass Doctor 808 provides a very natural bass enhancement. A coloured one if you wish. It is an excellent addition for my toolbox


I love the Funky clean sounds of Electrum, but playing with the different modules can give some spice to your guitar tracks.


FireMaster is a very inspiring plugin, the different Tones of Color and Textures give you a beautiful palette for your sounds.


I love the possibilities and texture of Orbitron. It is a modulation Lab.


QuickBass will make your bass sound fuller with simple and fast turns of few knobs, but you can be as creative and unique as you want.


Fire Cobra is very useful and cool sounding to get some vibe and excitement... pretty musical from mild to extreme...


Hyperspace: love it, very different and creative tool, plus this reverb sounds soo good.