Sequential Vibe

Experimental composer from Canada


SequentialVibe is an ambient and experimental electronic musician living in Stratford, Ontario, Canada. He is a pioneering sound designer for early samplers, including the Ensoniq Mirage and EPS, fueling early Industrial music.



I appreciate the opportunity to demolish my sounds with the Bitpunk plugin! I have been into creating ambient and electronic music since the late 1980s. I have played around with circuit bending, but it is rare that a software plugin like Bitpunk comes around that lets you truly mangle sounds with the flexibility of the modulation capabilities of a modern DAW like FL Studio.


Bassment represents the ultimate fantasy of pedal board and amp cabinet simulation for enhancing bass in all its forms. I rely on Bassment to infuse synthesized bass sounds with an extra layer of warmth and, on occasion, indulge in some audacious sound destruction. Its user-friendly design ensures a straightforward and instinctive experience, providing instant gratification right from the moment you unbox it.


Electrum stands out as the ultimate all-in-one solution for guitar effects, boasting unparalleled simplicity and versatility. With its comprehensive range of cabinet simulations and an expansive selection of pedals at your disposal, Electrum offers a feast for guitar enthusiasts. Whether you're seeking real-time guitar processing or manipulating recorded sounds, Electrum is equally adept at both tasks. And here's a pro tip: It excels at transforming synths and vocals into awe-inspiring post-apocalyptic masterpieces, making it a valuable asset for any creative endeavour.


Cryostasis has the remarkable ability to immerse ambient textures into a profound state of slumber, elevating my SpaceWave experimental compositions to unprecedented heights of creativity. The exceptional combination of unique plugins and Cryostasis' versatility and user-friendly interface enables you to transcend sonic boundaries, offering a rare opportunity to explore new dimensions of sound.


Retronaut is the ultimate solution for anyone seeking to infuse their sound with a rich, robust, and immersive quality. In a world where many modern synth plugins tend to lack warmth and depth, Retronaut emerges as the remedy, providing you with a hardware-quality sonic experience that adds a new dimension to your music. Its versatility knows no bounds, making it an excellent choice for enhancing acoustic sounds, guitars, basses, and even vocals. It effortlessly injects that sought-after lo-fi retro vibe back into my productions, instantly transforming my tracks.


Pluralis is an exceptional choice for a standard delay, should that be your intention. However, its capabilities far surpass that label. In my perspective, it embodies a truly innovative delay, brimming with limitless possibilities and offering extensive long delay durations that were previously unattainable using older hardware delays. Additionally, it possesses the versatility to deliver either an analogue warmth or a chillingly digital coldness, depending on your specific application. What's more, it boasts the added benefit of two-layered effects, effectively doubling its power and enhancing its overall performance.