Scott Yahney

Scott Yahney
New York-based producer, writer and keyboard player


Scott started playing at age two and grew up on Stevie Wonder, The Beatles, classic rock, disco, R&B, the big ’80s, techno and house music. “I have also been doing a pop/smooth jazz CD for Keeshea. She’s a sax player and singer from Switzerland.” Just finished the 1st season of "ALEX2GUNS" web series (john Williams meets heavy metal !!!)

Scott has been playing in all kinds of bands since he was fifteen years old, and his keyboard style ranges from classic rock all the way to light jazz. “I do many sessions around NY for all different kinds of music. Lately, I have been doing several dance/pop remixes. Music is my life and I enjoy producing, writing and remixing it all!”

Scott works strictly "in the box" and produces all genres ......Trap/HipHop, Pop, Dance, EDM, Rock, Smooth Jazz etc...


Verbum Entropic Hall

Verbum entropic Hall stands out from the pack in a crowded field of software reverbs. This hall algorithm has a wonderful vintage vibe that sits very well in the mix on anything you put through it.. truly reminiscent of the Great Hardware reverbs of yesterday. Definitely experiment with that 12-bit button it's fantastic.


Amazing phaser, flanger, chorus multi-effects that can do the old school vibe plus modern/futuristic ones too! Awesome presets to get you started !! A must-have in your toolbox... THIS THING IS FUN!!


Wonderful array of Morph options with Morphverb. You can hear that a lot of time was taken in making this very cool plugin. Instant gratification & super easy to use Morphverb lets me play! Another winner here!!!


Electrum has everything you need to get any great guitar tone all on one page. No fumbling with multiple menus. It's all right there to help you dial in the sound that you want. The GUI is super cool and is a guitarist's dream to get ultra-realistic killer guitar tones and a pleather of great effects too My new amp plug-in is Electrum !!!!

Expanse 3D

Wide! Big! In your face results with a simple yet very powerful interface. My new go-2 plugin to make everything "HUGE"!

SubBass Doctor 808

The SubBass Doctor 808 is in the house! What a cool plugin that has so many uses! EDM-ROCK-FUNK-HOUSE-ETC... IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR THOSE SPECIAL SUB FREQUENCIES, SubBass Doctor 808 CAN DELIVER THE GOODS!!!

Quick AG

Great sounding "INSTANT GRATIFICATION" Acoustic GTR plugin !!! super easy to use & very cool to work with !! HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS ONE !!!!!


This is my new go-to bass plugin. From jazz to Funk to Rock to metal, I can get any tone I need plus a wonderful heaping of analogue tone thrown in. Very easy to get a great sound fast. Super highly recommended!


The 3 in one plug-in that works Magic. Preamp, leveller and compressor are top-notch. I'm finding myself using Autoformer on just about everything. A Sonic masterpiece.


Another outstanding plugin to make our lives much easier in the studio. It's minimalistic approach gets you the sound you want FAST!!! I'm using it on lots of tracks right now!!! Highly recommend this one !!!