Simon Andersson

Swedish bass player, guitarist, songwriter, producer and composer


Simon Andersson, born 1980, is a Swedish bass player, guitarist, songwriter, producer and composer. He's a multi instrumentalist in AudioPlastik (together with ex Frost* singer Dec Burke and Threshold keyboard player Richard West), bass player in Darkwater and songwriter/producer for Scarlet. Previously worked with artists like Pain of Salvation, Britney Spears and Johan Randén to name a few. 


Urban Puncher

It does punch, that’s for sure :) It lifts the drums quite a lot in the mix.


Easy to use and sounds fantastic right out of the box. The fact that you can blend in the drive on various EQ sections is a nice touch. Also having the tuner and EQ matching packed in a very smooth layout makes this a go-to plugin for every project.


I’ve been playing around lots with QuickBass, and for the clean tones I think it’s fantastic. Dialing in the subbass function does beautiful things to the low end.


Added Pluralis on a clean guitar track and magic happened.


I'm adding BITPUNK to my tracks way more than I should be. Amazing tool!