Skyler Gibbons

Born and raised in Knoxville, Tennessee, the talented Skyler Gibbons is also known as “Skyler The Engineer” because of his adroitness in merging sounds from different audio sources that are exquisite and delightful to the ear. His assertive and self-seeking nature compelled him to kick-start his career in audio engineering at the age of fifteen.


Immensely driven, he attended Johnson University for an Audio Engineering degree to help further hone his craft. Gibbons has over ten years of experience in audio engineering, and he is a founding member of Grand Bay Recording Studios in Tampa, Florida. Although currently based out of Tampa, Florida, he has traveled to various parts of the United States to work in some of the finest recording studios in the country such as Capitol RecordsStudios, Studio at The Palms Las Vegas, Mars Miami, etc.

Additionally, Skyler is a four-time Billboard charting mixing, mastering and recording engineer. The songs he has engineered have now accumulated over half a billion streams, received placements on 30+ Spotify editorials, and have trended on Apple Music and Spotify.


Expanse 3D

Have you ever wanted a unique plug-in that makes vocals sound larger than life during a breakdown in your mix? Expanse 3D gives you all of that and more. The ability to create a sense of space for the listener without having to reach for reverb is incredible.

Urban Puncher

Urban Puncher gives me all the attitude I need when I'm looking to deliver an in-your-face 808. The ease of use is incredible, you can add tone and grit to any sound in a matter of seconds.

Quick AG

I love plug-ins that offer more than a single function. The Quick AG is wonderful too thanks to all the built-in options. This is a go-to for me when I am dialling in a guitar and need efficient results quickly. The Quick AG had also found its way into my mixes by proving me with a unique effect to add to background vocals and adlibs!


The UniChannel has been finding its way into so many of my mixes thanks to top quality vintage tone. You have so many options to create a unique sound while feeling musical and giving you that analogue vibe.

Royal Compressor

This compressor packs a huge punch. You can push this thing to create some crazy tone and attitude in your mix. I love using this for parallel compression.