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Introducing Plamen

A new plugin with a 79% discount

August 29, 2023 | jt

We are proudly introducing Plamen, a game-changing multi-band saturator developed by SounDevice Digital. 

Plamen offers targeted saturation across multiple frequency bands, enabling precise tonal shaping, frequency balance, and sonic enhancement. This flexible multi-band saturator applies distinct saturation types to each band, even in parallel processing setups, resulting in a balanced and dynamic sound.

5 saturators

Plamen offers four flexible crossover points, enabling precise control over saturated frequencies. 

And it provides five distinct saturation types for each frequency band, allowing users to select the ideal tonal colour and character. This includes classic analogue pre-amp models (BRITISH, AMERICAN, GERMAN), a tape saturation simulation (MAGNETIC), and a clipping-style saturation (CLIP).

Beyond traditional saturation, Plamen features an encompassing TAPE WOW effect, adding vintage tape recorder-style pitch variation for a unique sonic texture.

For the pros

Advanced oversampling options (2x, 4x, 8x) ensure exceptional audio quality by eliminating artefacts and aliasing. The fact that Plamen aims to the pros is only accented by the fact that industry experts like Emmy Award-winning composer Lars Deutsch and Grammy-nominated producer Carmen Rizzo or the legendary Zardonic crafted presets for Plamen.

Try for FREE

Plamen ensures hassle-free software protection, a 15-day unlimited trial version. VST/VST3/AAX versions are available on Windows and VST/VST3/AAX/AU macOS. Download it on the product page.

Grab the intro price

Don't miss the opportunity to experience Plamen's immense power and dive into the realm of saturation. Take advantage of the introductory discount of 79% (regular €89 is reduced to €19 until the 10th of October) and unlock the limitless possibilities offered by this groundbreaking audio plugin.