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Verbum Entropic Hall 3.0 released

Our vintage-style just got updated

September 12, 2023 | jt

We have just released a brand new version of Verbum Entropic Hall. 

This vintage-style reverb has accommodated many studios all over the world.  After almost three years since we published it for the first time, we're here with a significant update, which is, as usual, free for every Verbum Entropic Hall owner. As always, the compatibility with your previous projects stays intact. We are only adding features. 

More options

The most significant change is that Verbum Entropic Hall 3 comes up with 2 more device models, so now you can choose from three hall algorithms. 

More control

Lots of users demanded in and out controls - so we heard them and added them. To make the Verbum 3 experience even more joyful, we added the ducking function, which is designed to help the clean signal push through and not lose punch and attack. When used, it lowers the wet signal level automatically whenever a new dry signal comes to the plugin input.

Free-for-life updates

Because we offer free-for-life updates, version 3.0 is free for all existing users. They may simply download it from the product page.  If you haven't experienced Verbum Entropic Hall yet, you may download a 15-day fully working trial version from the same page. And you may take advantage and buy a license with a 59% discount until the end of September