Greg Brimson

A multi-award-winning producer and remixer.


After a successful career as a session drummer playing with artist such as Gary Numan to All About Eve, Greg went on to Engineering scoring a No1 with the Levellers before forging a path as a producer remixer working with artists as diverse as Eminem, Bush, Natalie Imbruglia, Paradise Lost, SiKth, Raging Speedhorn, Mumiy Troll, O.r.k. and many more.



It really is a "make it sound better" button. Kind of brings things to life. Brilliant.


The name says it all. A really creative reverb. Limitless fun with remarkable quality.

Front DAW

I was blown away. Its perfect. Thats all I can say. it does exactly what it is supposed to do without fuss or hype.

Royal Compressor

About time there was a really great vintage sounding compressor with all the characteristics of the vintage sound. The saturation dial is a winner. Fat, warm and joyous. Love it.